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Self-Test for
Irlen Syndrome

Are you light sensitive?
Bothered by sunlight
Bothered by glare
Do you frequently wear sunglasses?
Bothered by bright or flourescent lights
Become anxious under bright or flourescent lights
Get headache/stomach ache from bright or flourescent lights
Feel antsy or fidgety under bright or flourescent lights
Harder to listen under bright or flourescent lights
Performance deteriorates under bright or flourescent lights
Feel like there is not enough light when reading
Feel like there is too much light when reading
Read in dim light
Shade the page with your hand or body
Types of reading difficulties
Skip words or repeat lines
Repeat or reread lines
Read with breaks
Lose place
Read in a "stop and go" rhythm
Omit small words
Poor reading comprehension
Reading becomes harder the longer you read
Use your finger or marker to help keep your place
Avoid reading
Avoid reading for pleasure
Rereads for comprehension
Reversals of letters and/or numbers
While reading or using a computer, do you:
Rub eyes
Move closer to or further away
Open eyes wide
Incorporate breaks
Change position to reduce glare
Close or cover one eye
Move head
Read word by word
Unable to speed read
Do you feel strain, fatigue, tired or have headaches when:
Doing paper and pencil tasks
Working on the computer
Watching TV, movies or live stage productions
Copying material from a book or whiteboard
Doing maths assignments
Writing long assignments
Doing visually-intensive activities like sewing, cross stitching, crosswords puzzles, soldering etc.
Working under bright or flourescent lights
Looking at stripes, patterns, bright colours and high contrast
Write up or down hill
Unequal or no spacing between letters or words
Unequal letter size
Unable to write on the line
leave out words, letters or punctuation marks
Problems concentrating when reading or writing
Easily distracted when reading or writing
Easily distracted when listening
Easily distracted when taking tests
Daydreams in class or at lectures
Problems staying on task
Problems starting tasks
Difficulty with scantron answer sheets
Lose place (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Leave out words (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Slow (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Incomplete (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Careless errors (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Blink or squint (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Difficulty refocussing
Difficulty copying things onto or off a computer
Composition/Essay writing
Problems with punctuation
Problems proofreading
Leave out letters or words
Write without rereading

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions in any one of the above sections, then you might be experiencing the effects of a perception problem called Irlen Syndrome. 

Please contact us to book a full assessment or for more information.

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