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Irlen Diagnostic Assessment

Irlen Full Diagnostic Assessment - £425

  • Can take up to 2.5 hours to complete

  • Includes thorough assessment and report to confirm diagnosis

  • This assessment is suitable for those who require Irlen spectral filters over their eyes, for those who an overlay(s) is not sufficient in removing the distortions and discomfort

  • The Irlen spectral filter choice are very personal and bespoke to the individual. The correct filter choice for each person means the world will not been seen as the colour of the filters

  • Irlen spectral filters are able to be worn and be effective across a range of lighting environments

A referral for a Full Tint assessment may be made if an individual has been screened as having a profile consistent with Irlen Syndrome.


At the Full Tint assessment the individual will choose their preferred combination of Irlen Spectral Filters.

Irlen Spectral Filters can be worn as glasses or contact lenses to reduce symptoms of Irlen Syndrome.

Prescription glasses can also be tinted if CR39 tintable, plastic, uncoated lenses are provided by an optician.

To discuss your needs or make a booking please contact us.

To make a booking please fill out our online booking form.

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