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Irlen Screener Training

Irlen Screener Training - £435


Irlen Centre North West are able to offer a two day Irlen Screener training course for educators and other professionals. Certified Irlen Screeners are able to administer the initial Irlen assessment to determine overlay colour, paper colour and other initial accommodations. This course will equip you with the skills and confidence to accurately screen individuals in an efficient and timely manner.

Our next Irlen Screener Training is on: 

Tuesday & Wednesday 11-12 June 2024

As a trained Irlen Screener, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify individuals with Irlen Syndrome

  • The common learning and behavioural characteristics of individuals with Irlen Syndrome

  • How perception affects reading, maths, copying, and writing skills

  • How perception can affect depth perception & sensory integration

  • How to test using the Irlen Reading Perceptual Scale (IRPS)

  • Variety of intervention strategies including coloured overlays

  • Hands-on practice using the IRPS

To discuss Irlen Screener Training or make a booking please contact us.

To make a booking please fill out our online booking form.

Business Meeting

  • Attendance and a two day course with lunch and refreshments provided 

  • Comes with an internationally recognised qualification as a certified Irlen screener

  • Price includes full test kit, all test materials and books

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