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Our Services

Irlen Screening Assessment - £110

  • Can take up to 1.5 hours to complete

  • Explores the range of symptoms, distortions and discomfort related to Irlen syndrome

  • Establishes the best single or combination of Irlen overlay colour

  • Would establish the need for other initial accommodations such as paper colour, screen filters and appropriate lighting

Irlen Full Diagnostic Assessment - £425

  • Can take up to 2.5 hours to complete

  • Includes thorough assessment and report to confirm diagnosis

  • This assessment is suitable for those who require Irlen spectral filters over their eyes, for those who an overlay(s) is not sufficient in removing the distortions and discomfort

  • The Irlen spectral filter choice are very personal and bespoke to the individual. The correct filter choice for each person means the world will not been seen as the colour of the filters

  • Irlen spectral filters are able to be worn and be effective across a range of lighting environments


Irlen Filter Re-Evaluation - £50 per hour for the assessment + Filter creation cost (£225)

  • Can take up to 2 hours to complete

  • This assessment is for those who already wear Irlen spectral filters

  • Regular checks are recommended to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the chosen filters

Irlen Screener Training - £435

  • Attendance and a two day course with lunch and refreshments provided

  • Comes with an internationally recognised qualification as a certified Irlen screener

  • Price includes full test kit, all test materials and books

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